Say no to Thesis Theme

July 20th, 2010 | Blah Blah, Technology, The Web | | 0 comments

Chris Pearson vs. Matt Mullenweg Wow. If you’ve heard of Thesis Theme on WordPress, you need to listen to this interview. I can’t believe how extremely arrogant and obnoxious Thesis Theme (DIYThemes) owner Chris Pearson is. If you’ve given money to Chris by purchasing Thesis, now you know who your money is supporting. I almost bought the Thesis theme a few months ago. Thankfully I didn’t. Now I believe that there are hundreds of other great WP theme developers that deserve our money more than Chris. I am extremely thankful to the WordPress developers and the WP community for creating such an awesome product – a product that would never be what it is today without GPL (Matt, I love you!… oh, I mean I love your work..). We only support WordPress themes and plug-ins under GLP. Hooyah.

Click below to listen to the entire Chris Pearson – Matt Mullenweg interview


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